Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A3 Tablet Book

The Tablet PC has has grown in popularity all over the world, as technology keeps on developing we can see more and more improvements in the gadgets we use, innovations for various products all over the world are increasing at a rapid rate and now taking the tablet PC to the next level, a British designer Phil Pauley has come up with a concept Tablet Book that has a lot of neat features. The Tablet Book looks like a laptop along with the Wi-fi and 3G support but is a bit more advanced.
The Tablet Book has other features too like support for landscape and portrait viewing.  It also includes 6 cameras for normal and Stereoscopic 3D recording/playback, incorporating two clusters of three cameras. The top camera acts as a normal video/picture coms system while the twin pair at the bottom produce the Stereoscopic 3D for the same purpose. The Tablet Book supports all the usual things as well, like games, music, TV or any interactive media and emailing. The main thing here is- It looks like a book because it can be folded just like how we would fold an ordinary paper notebook, come to think of it, the Tablet Book can be spread out while it is being viewed and can even look like a newspaper.

I would like to give credit to Phil Pauley (Designer and Pauley Interactive (3D Visualisation of the Concept for their support in making this post.

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